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This store sells sick puppies and false advertise. Their 1 year guarantee is absurd.

They do not hold up to thei r contract, even though it's in black and white. They sell sick puppies with diseases and do not really give refunds or pay vet bills unless you take them to court. They have poor customer service and want nothing to do with you after you've purchased the dog.

They advertise they have a 24 hour hotline, however, this is not true. Please reconsider buying anything from this pet's not worth the headache and the pain.

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Benton City, Washington, United States #10837

This store should be put out of business. The one year guarantee they advertise is absurd.

I traveled all the way to NYC to pick up a puppy that I thought would be the same one that Puppy Petite emailed me a picture of. It wasn't, however I purchased him anyway. Before traveling to NYC, the owner emailed me and told me the prices for their 'teacup yorkies' were between $500-$1500; however, they were realistically between $1000-$2500. I purchased my baby for $1600...only for him to die 2 weeks later due to congenital problems, as confirmed by TWO different vets.

When my puppy initially got sick I took him to the vet and was told he'd have to be hospitalized. I immediately called Puppy Petite to see how they wanted to handle paying for his hospital bill because in their 'guarantee' they state that they'll cover all medical expenses if it's due to congenital disorder. Puppy Petite told me that they would not reimburse me unless I took the puppy to one of their vets in NYC. Can you believe they wanted me to bring my puppy 400+ miles to NYC in order for them to cover the vet expenses? My vet estimated the costs to be $2000+ dollars and there was no guarantee that my puppy would survive. Due to the high costs, I chose to have my puppy stabilized and transported to NYC with an IV to Puppy Petite's vet so they could cover the costs. My puppy eventually died due to a congenital disorder and Puppy Petite refused to give me a new puppy or a full refund for the purchase price.

Please do not purchase from this pet store, they have negative ratings from Consumer Reports and The Better Business Bureau. They do business as Puppy Boutique and Puppy Petite.

Please do research before buying a puppy from me, it's not worth the risk. Purchase from a reputable breeder instead.

Benton City, Washington, United States #10836

Just to be clear, this is Puppy Boutique AKA Puppy Petite, located at 8002 17th Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

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