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Don't not be fooled by the positive reviews below. They are all written my the owners to fool and *** the public.

All these puppies for sale in the Puppy Boutique in Brooklyn come from puppy mills. All these puppies have congenital and hereditary diseases. Most of them will die within a few months. In research the unfortunate families who purchased puppies from this store had the heartache of losing their puppy while others were faced with medical bills as up to $8000 to save their puppy.

Most of the people I spoke to that experienced the above were devastated when the store and owner Stuart refused to stand by the "Store Guarantee" and Contract when they purchased their new puppy. They refused to pay the medical bills even though the contracts and store guarantee assured all the buyers that these puppies were in good health. The whole thing is a scam. Dont be fooled by this store.

A Staten Island woman purchased a yorkie from the store and the yorkie died within a few months. The store refused to pay for any medical bills while the dog was diagnosed with a hereditary disease. She later sued the store in the small claims court and The Staten Island Judge appalled by the stores refusal to pay the medical bills awarded her $5000. The parents of all these puppies live in tiny cages for breeding purposes only.

They are never walked and receive no medical attention. All the parents cant even walk as they are never let out of these tiny cages.

Once they cannot breed anymore they are discarded and killed. Tell all your friends and families about this store and spread the word.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Keep calling the local humane society and tell them to go check out the conditions of this place and to check on the welfare of the animals and to see if they have all the "kennel" license and requirements..if they dont local government will shut them down and if enough complanits with pictures and proof comes in, go to the local media and get the story and pictures out there

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