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When is someone going to do something about these people? I know these are only dog as most see it but these are our dogs.

These people know going in they are selling sickly animals. I bought a 8 week old Tea cup yorkie. Before I got there I was told they run from 500.00 to 750.00. When I got there I was told the teacups start at 750.00 depending on their age.

I had my baby Sophia home for approximately 2 mos when I noticed her left eye was turning a different color. It was a Sunday so I went to an emergency clinic, two days later she was totally lethargic and I took her to my regular vet and two days after that I was back to the vet again. Sophia was diagnosed with a liver shunt. It was killing her slowly.

I live in NJ - I decided to take her to The University of Tennessee Vet Hospital in Knoxville where Dr Tobias is a vet who only does research on shunts and shunt surgery. This was last week 7/10/13. Sophia is doing well but I have to wait a month and hopefully the restrictor she has inside of her will close off the extra vessel and her liver will function normally. She also has a problem with her patella - I was told she should have exercise and possibly swim.

I have yet to contact Puppy Petite because I have been taking care of Sophia and her health was my first priority. We really need some help here to fight these people and make them stop selling these sickly poor poor animals. I almost want to go back there and scream out in the street how crooked these people are. I am truly afraid of anything else being wrong with my precious Sophia.

As you can imagine the cost to me was huge to travel to TN and have the surgery, the emergency vet bill and the blood work that determined the shunt in the beginning. In three months I have to repeat the blood work to see where her liver enzyme levels are again. Sophia has cost me approx. 5000.00 to this point.

I love her - so I am trying not to look at it in that manner but - How many puppy's are being discarded because of the costs that their owners are incurring? My heart is breaking reading these stories. Please, something needs to be done to stop these monsters from ever profiting from another innocent life of a dog. Stuart (OWNER)- may God have mercy on your soul..

Your a monster for what you are doing.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Nutley, New Jersey, United States #1259857

I don't believe it's fair to criticize someone for purchasing a dog from a "dog store." They are not all puppy mill puppies, not all dog stores are created equal. I have gotten several from a store on Long Island and they've never had as much as kennel cough.

They also breed in house when their dogs have aged without being sold. Some breeders definitely run mills as well; but regardless, her point is valid. How many of these dogs are being intentionally "lost" because the owner can't keep up with the cost.

Everyone screams adoption, but when you walk through a shelter it is filled with nothing but pit bull and pit bull mixes.

Now I love pits, they CAN be great dogs; gentle, protective and super obedient. I do not however, trust adult pit bulls with unknown backgrounds. I have always compared pit bulls to war vets, all it takes is one hand motion, word or similar characteristic to make them start having flashbacks and when/if they do, they can and will potentially take your face off. Most of the pit bulls in shelters have not been loved and cared for like they should, they have been abused, used as fight dogs and kept in deplorable conditions.

So what could be a loving and gentle animal today could easily maul your child tomorrow because little Tommy had a stick and the pits old owner used to beat him with a stick.

Adoption is great in theory, but it's a large risk and most people aren't willing to gamble with their children's safety.

To the OP, I hope your dog is well, small dogs are prone to certain issues because of their size. You should've been given atleast a one year health guarantee from the store.

You can raise your concerns with the attorney general, even maybe the aspca or other rescues. Facebook is a good way of spreading the word locally.

Pet insurance sounds like it would do you well, a lot of them will insure with pre-existing conditions. It'll cost you, but at least you'll be reimbursed for a majority of her vet costs in the future.


The best way to stop these people is for dummies like you to stop BUYING from them.

People buy these kinds of puppies for one reason --image. Well, the image is see a ridiculous show-off.

Want to put out the image of someone who truly cares for animals!

ADOPT from your local no-kill shelter, and give an animal a chance to live--get a loving, lifelong companion for yourself/your family for $40-100.


what people seem to fail to realize is designer dogs come with horrible health problems related to their breeding/genetics... google teacup yorkie health problems & do some research ffs! if people would stop paying ridiculous amounts of money to buy these kind of pets then breeders wouldnt have a market & the problem would be sorted

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